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Your Business Address in Geneva

Please get in touch with us for this offer:

You always wanted your own business Professional address in


Once you go to the Notaire to set up your business, they will ask you for the business


Most people in your situation simply use their private home

address, which is not really very professional.

So now I'm going to let you in on something that will make your life so much


It's called PVI Offices.

With this service you have your own professional business address in the

heart of the Geneva Business District.

Virtual offices is different for a number of reasons.

Firstly, virtual offices do not require your physical


It can save you a lot of time as you are free to work from wherever in

the world you wish safe in the knowledge that your mails, your

calls, etcetera are being professionally managed.

Our virtual office can be turned into a real physical office as you have

access to our conference facilities and can rent an office for the

short term at special rates.



Hi, thanks for visiting my website!

PVI -Offices provides a bright Conference Room in the HEART OF GENEVA. We offer State of the Art Digital Interactive Screen for Presentations, Meeting Notes and Videos including easy booking facilities.

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